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A fine dining restaurant in London that fuses African heritage and cuisine with modern culinary techniques and contemporary décor.

Each dish is planned and prepared carefully. From knowing exactly where our steak comes from and how it was raised, to sourcing local ingredients, and designing each new menu with seasonal produce in mind. This way, we know that our suppliers have the same values and take the same care when it comes to crafting exceptional meals for diners as we do. 

Mayfair’s newest fine dining restaurant

The Meat & Wine Co is a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Mayfair with an African twist and Australian roots. Here you’ll discover elevated classic dishes, premium steaks, a variety of Afro-centric flavours and touches, and a hand-selected wine list to elevate and energise it all. 

What began in Australia has recently made the natural shift to London to give visitors and locals alike a premium new offering in the fine dining space. 

This fresh local restaurant is the place to be for any special occasion or work function, where the warm and vibrant space, exquisite a la carte and wine list menus, and friendly, knowledgeable service will ensure any event runs seamlessly.

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Available in our A La Carte menu, the Boerewors is the perfect fusion of South African cuisine and the classical steakhouse. Reserve a table today. 

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Happy Father's Day! Join us as we celebrate fatherhood with an exquisite culinary experience that honours Dad's greatness. If you still need to make a reservation, call our friendly staff to see if they can accommodate a table for you.

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Our dry-aged steaks are cleaned, prepared and then moved into a specialised refrigerator for a minimum of four weeks to draw out moisture and intensify flavour. Our Hot Harissa Honey infusion, combined with savoury beef dripping butter, is the perfect coating for our premium selection of meat cuts. Have you tasted our AGED steaks yet? 

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The Meat & Wine Co Wine List

The Meat & Wine Co wine list is far from a mere afterthought. The wine selection plays a central role in our fine dining experience, adding a collection of world-class wines from around the globe to perfectly complement your dishes and preferences.

Order your favourite varietal, whether that’s a light bodied Pinot Noir, an effervescent champagne, or a deep, bold Shiraz, or ask our staff for a recommendation that will pair beautifully with your meal.

This selection includes a number of South African wines, largely from Stellenbosch and the Western Cape, to further amplify the Afro-centric theme throughout The Meat & Wine Co, and ensure our wine list includes this award-winning wine region for discerning diners.

Enjoy a fine dining experience in Mayfair, London

Reserve your table with The Meat & Wine Co today to discover the latest fine dining restaurant in London, and your new favourite dish.

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