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Two decadent tastes in one dish: Truffle dry-aged steak

The Meat & Wine Co is a relatively new addition to the Mayfair dining scene, but we’re proud to say we’ve already made a name for ourselves as one of the best new steakhouses in London

One of the key reasons behind this fast-growing reputation is our exclusive, in-house dry ageing programme. This dry aged steak programme uses an innovative technique to add exquisite steaks to the menu, and to infuse a selection of beef with complementary flavours.

This autumn, we’re excited to announce that our newest dry aged steak flavour infusion is truffle. 

Truffle dry-aged steak

steak restaurant london

Not to be confused with a mushroom, the truffle is actually a fungus – and an extremely rare and prized one. 

Known for its rich, earthy, garlicy, and pungent flavour profile, truffle is a unique flavour that’s almost impossible to describe with words alone. 

Truffles are notoriously difficult to cultivate and harvest, requiring just the right conditions and certain tree species, as well as the assistance of specially trained dogs to help track them down, as they grow under the earth. 

Due to a combination of their rarity and value, truffles have become known as the ‘diamonds of the kitchen’. Chefs around the world jump at the chance to add them to a variety of dishes, from pastas and fries to steaks and sauces. 

Truffle season in the UK runs from August through to November, which means that now is the perfect time to experience and indulge in this beloved ingredient.

Our exclusive dry-ageing process

steak restaurant london

Dry aged steak from The Meat & Wine Co sets itself apart by not just being aged in-house, but also providing the option of flavour infusions. Diners can opt for a classic unflavoured steak, or try the current flavour infusion. 

To achieve our infusions, we use a unique butter-ageing technique. This technique begins in the same way as traditional dry ageing, by placing large slabs of premium beef into a temperature- and humidity-controlled dry ager. The meat rests here for one to three weeks to allow it to begin forming a solid crust on the outside of the meat. 

The next step is one of our own invention. We slather the meat in a thick coat of butter, adding to the natural crust and stopping the drying process, as no more moisture is able to escape through the fatty barrier. 

However, the ageing process continues internally as proteins and enzymes in the butter help to continue ageing the meat. The meat is returned to the dry ager, where it rests for a further month or so. 

The result is beautifully dry aged steak, which offers the unparalleled tenderness and flavour of dry aged meat, without being too overwhelming. 

Importantly, the butter allows us to mix infusions directly into this layer, which adds subtle and delectable flavours to the beef.

Try our innovative AGED truffle steak

Our exclusive truffle dry-aged steak is available only for as long as supplies last, so be sure to make your reservation at The Meat & Wine Co to see how this premium dining experience sets us apart. 

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