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Discover coffee-infused dry aged steak at The Meat & Wine Co

The Meat & Wine Co is one of the best steak restaurants in London, at least in part due to our world-class in-house dry ageing programme. 

We prepare our own dry aged steak with an exclusive in-house process, which allows us to both infuse our steaks with additional subtle flavour profiles, and to keep the costs of dry aged beef to a minimum by reducing waste.

For the foodie who is always looking to try new dining experiences in Mayfair, here’s more about our latest dry aged steak infusion and how we make it happen

Coffee infused dry aged-steak: Flavour profiles and wine pairing

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Coffee is one of the most popular flavours on the planet, with its soul-warming richness, the acidity of the tannins, and the depth of flavour all making it a daily habit for many. 

When paired with an incomparably rich, beefy dry aged steak, coffee evolves from a daily habit into one half of a world-class flavour profile. 

The acidity and tannins of the coffee subtly cut through the richness and beefiness of the steak, offering soft hints of your beloved espresso and amplified flavours in the dry aged steak. 

The result is something magical, and truly a dining experience that’s best enjoyed in person, with friends, and with exceptional wine.

Try one of these stunning reds from The Meat & Wine Co wine list, or ask our sommelier for a recommendation: 

  • Brave to be Murray Shiraz, Pete’s Pure – Shiraz
  • Saint-Estephe, Chateau Phelan Segur – Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Castelgiocondo Brunello Di Montalcino DOCG, Frescobaldi – Sangiovese


The Meat & Wine Co exclusive dry-ageing process

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The Meat & Wine Co AGED programme uses an exclusive process created by Meat & Wine Co chefs. This dry ageing programme is similar to many traditional processes, with one key difference. 

It all begins in a traditional manner, by placing large slabs of meat into a temperature and humidity controlled dry ager for one to three weeks. This step starts the ageing process, and allows the beef to form a light crust around the cut. The crust is essential to dry ageing, as it creates an environment in which the natural enzymes within the meat slowly break down the muscle fibres, leaving an incredibly tender, rich steak. 

However, when the traditional dry ageing method will give the beef more time to form a larger, thicker crust, our Meat & Wine Co chefs remove the slabs from the dry ager. At this point, we add a thick layer of whipped Wagyu butter to the entire outside of the beef. This layer not only adds a gorgeous richness to the beef, but also takes over the role of the crust. 

In doing so, it means that less of the beef will turn into hard inedible crust, therefore ensuring there is less wastage within the meat.  

Importantly, it also means we have the opportunity to add an ingredient or two to the Wagyu butter that can infuse the beef with something extra special. We have offered a variety of flavour infusions in the past, such as truffle, and thyme and honey, and right now, diners can experience a beautiful coffee-infused dry aged steak in London. 

For those who prefer a traditional steak, we also always offer an uninfused dry aged steak. 

Reserve your table at The Meat & Wine Co for this unparalleled dry aged steak dining experience.

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